May 12, 2017

Most people assume that grooming their dog is for aesthetic reasons…but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Getting your dog groomed on a regular basis is hugely beneficial to your dog’s health!

If you own a long hair breed such as a Golden Doodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, etc. that requires regular coat trimming, keeping on top of that grooming schedule will absolutely result in a healthier coat and a much happier dog.

Without regular at home maintenance and regularly scheduled grooming appointments, your dog is prone to many potential coat and skin issues that can be prevented.


Almost any groomer will tell you the worst day is one that includes having to shave a dog down completely due to its coat being matted. For those who aren’t familiar with this, mats are like dreadlocks on humans though the biggest difference is that on a dog they can be EXTREMELY painful and can cause your dog to develop sores and skin conditions. Most “haircut” dogs require a thorough brush out BEFORE bathing to prevent water catching in the mats to help prevent mold and rot. Severe matting is the most difficult and painful to brush out and will almost always result in the dog needing to be completely shaved down. Aside from pain and discomfort for your dog, this will usually result in a higher grooming cost due to the time and care necessary to remove the mats in the most humane and thoughtful way.

Short to medium coat breeds such as Labs, German Shepherds, Jack Russell’s and many mutts will also benefit from a regular grooming schedule. This ensures that their coat stays thin and healthy and can of course greatly reduce the amount of shedding! Since dogs regulate their body temperature thru panting and via blood flow through their paws, ensuring that the hair between their pads remains trimmed is extremely important all year long, but especially important in the summer months. It also can help them with traction on smooth surfaces like the hardwood and tile floors at home!


Keeping the fur around their eyes and face neatly trimmed can also greatly aid in preventing the development of crusts and additional tear stains…can you imagine how painful it would be to have hard crusts form around the fur of your eyes?! OUCH!


Finally, regular grooming also means regular nail trims which is vital to your dog’s overall body health. Overly long nails can result in splayed toes which will force your dog to alter their body posture, leading to arthritis and spinal deformities. Plus, there is always the risk that a nail can curve under and grow into the paw pad. DOUBLE OUCH!

With all the reasons grooming can benefit your beloved pup, here’s an important question:

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