Imagine you're walking your dog on the beach...

A couple is walking toward you with their dog. And as you start to pass each other, the wife says, "That's such a cute collar! I love the bluefin tuna. Our dog needs something like that - I used to love going fishing with my dad as a kid."

"That's why I got it!" you say. "My family used to go on fishing trips all the time too."

You stand there talking for 15 minutes about the weekends and summers your families spent at the beach and on the boat. By the time you realize you have to get going or you won't make your dinner plans, you have agreed to go sailing the next weekend with your new friends - and you love that you've met people so close to you who share your passion for the water.

And it all started with a Benny and Jack collar.

Stories like these are why my husband Dave and I began developing our own products for Benny and Jack. We have our own memories of bonding with family and friends during days on the water and when we see a symbol that reminds us of that, it instantly brings back those memories.

We both grew up on the New England coast, spending our free time at the beach or on the boat with family and friends. That lifestyle has continued now that we're married - and will continue for the rest of our lives. That draw to the water never goes away.

We wanted to take that love of the water and do something for the dogs who share that love with us. But when we started looking around at the "nautical" collars on the market, we didn't find much that fit us. We just found a lot of anchor motifs and most of those were, well, not well made.

That was when the Benny and Jack brand was born. Products that reflect our lifestyle and commitment to being well made and strong enough to stand up to the rigors of the coastal lifestyle. We can't wait to hear about the memories you think of when you see Benny and Jack products. Or better yet...the new memories you create!