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Providing effective leadership for your dog is essential in building and strengthening proper and acceptable behavior. From tackling minor issues to advanced behavioral problems, training at Benny and Jack is here for you. Training not only mentally stimulates your pup, it strengthens the bond you share.


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Melissa Kroll, of Bad Dog Basics at Benny and Jack, is a nationally certified Dog Trainer with over 10 years of experience and carries CPR and Pet First Aid certifications.




Good Dog 1.0

5-week Basic Course
1 Human-Only Info Session
4 Dog-Attended Sessions
FREE Bag of Training Treats
Exclusive access to online training videos post class 

Learn how to communicate effectively with your pooch in a fun, friendly environment. Not only will you and your dog learn the fundamental basics of proper  pooch behavior, but you'll also learn how to prevent and solve common problem behaviors (chewing, barking, etc.).

Some of the many commands covered include:

  • Sit 
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Leave It







Great Dog 2.0

4-week Advanced Course
4 Dog-Attended advanced working classes
FREE training leash
Exclusive access to online training material post class - keep your new skills fresh even after class! 



After your pup has successfully learned the basics, this course will help you and your pooch take those skills to the next level! You'll learn how to challenge their mind and further their journey into well behaved doggy citizen territory!

Some of the commands covered include:

  • Long Distance Commands
  • Proofing The Basics
  • Emergency Stop







Circus Dog

3-week Course
3 Dog Included Classes



Is your pup bored? Do your friends think you're boring? Let's fix that! In this three week course, you'll learn how to break any trick down into teachable steps. Now you can keep your pup from being bored and you'll have tricks to show off!

Some tricks covered include:

  • Army Crawl
  • Paw
  • Roll Over





Kids & K9's Class

1-hour Class



In this short, focused one-hour class, your child will learn how to read basic dog body language, appropriate ways to interact with dogs - known or unknown, and how to handle an obnoxious dog. There will be attention holding demonstrations, a safety coloring book, and bomb-proof dogs to interact and practice with.





Fido Fundamentals

1-hour Class



In this class, you'll learn how to be the best owner your new dog deserves. You'll learn about basic dog body language, the importance of diet and nutrition, why being a leader is better than being "alpha", the importance of preventative care and how best to socialize and introduce your new pup to the world.





Grooming for Grooming

1-hour Class



In this class, we'll teach you how to properly socialize your pup in a grooming and bathing environment while being handled by strangers. For fully vaccinated puppies 6 months and under. Must show proof of distemper, bordetella and rabies vaccinations.


Training prices do not include 7% Rhode Island Sales Tax

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