The Benny and Jack Philosophy

We believe the relationship with our dogs is one of the most important bonds we have in life, and that a better understanding of our pets' health is critical to strengthening that connection. 

How do you know if you're making the best decisions for your furry friend? With numerous pet food recalls, hundreds upon hundreds of products to choose from, differing thoughts on training styles and do you know if you're making the best decisions for your fury friend?

Every product we have, and every service we offer, is here for a reason. We like to call it "Products With a Purpose". Everything you'll find in our store, and online, serves 1 of at least 4 main purposes (and many times multiple) :


Dogs need food...that's not news, we know! But it's what's IN your dog's food that really matters in providing the best possible nutrition. Rest assured, all food and treats that you'll find at Benny and Jack are of the best quality, with nutrition that fuels your dog and helps them reach their greatest potential. 


Dogs NEED exercise, both mental and physical! This can't be stated enough, and at Benny and Jack, we take this very seriously...that's why you'll find a wide variety of toys that keep your dog busy, both mentally and physically. From treat dispensing toys to squeaky toys, various chews and more, we have you covered! A tired dog is a good dog!


Dogs REQUIRE structure! The more rules and guidelines you give your dog, the easier life they lead! Which is why we not only stock plenty of products to help you be your dog's LEADER, but we also have our dog trainer who offers small group obedience classes, and is happy to answer any questions you may have!

Well Being

Hygiene is equally important for dogs as it is for us! Tending to all areas of our dog's hygiene is critical in helping to prevent odor problems, skin and fur issues, illnesses and parasites. Dogs should have regular bathing, nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and regular coat brushing. Plus, this adds to the connection we have with our dogs!